Admins needed!

Hello there!

As you have perhaps noticed, Toginis was left unwatched for about a month. Due to my lack of time, mostly, which I very much regret, seeing how many great fans we have acquired last year.

Therefor, I am currently looking for a person to co-write this blog with me. How much is to write is up to you - the choice of your topic is also (mostly) free, as long as it belongs to the categories talked about on this blog.

So, why not? Do you have something to show the world (or at least those few thousand who visit us each month)?

Write now ;)

Chris Gilmour's cardboard objects

Besides sharing a surname with a famous guitarist, Chris Gilmour is recognized for a mastery in cardboard and glue, proving that you can master anything if you really want to. Subtle, yet curious on not only technical level - deconstructing the form and then renewing it in a completely unsuitable material is somehow reverse approach to design - how it forces us to re-think our frames and boxes and embrace the useless ideas, only to find out that uselessness is subjective.

Geometry Daily

If you, like me, happen to be a fanatic of clean, geometric shapes and simple colours, you will love this site. Geometry Daily is a tumblr blog created by a German design professor dedicated to proving the world with a new composition every day. Great inspiration for ascetics and simplicity lovers.

Magda Przybycien - photography

I believe that simple is the best. If something's functional, the aesthetics will find themselves in austerity. Art's a bit more complicated than that, because it lacks defined function, therefore fanciness sometimes indeed is a requirement. But not here. Kept as a kind of journal, these photographs surprise with the story behind them, their elements held together guide us through some kind of visual journey. Yes, right, I know, ninety-eight percent of photography does that. But not as cleanly and neatly as those. Something that Henri Cartier-Bresson called the Decisive Moment. Wouldn't you agree? Sometimes, they also resemble the great Urban Patterns series, but that's wholly different thing...

I promised not to share her webpage.