Heinz Maier's Photography

What can I say - I'm not a big fan of photography. I don't think recreating reality using electronic gadget is an art. But from time to time I stumble upon photographs like these - having nothing to do with reality, based purely on form and color. Beautiful and stunning.
The artist's name is Heinz Maier and he took photography in 2010.

More of his photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cymaii/

Spark(l)y and romantic!

Someone took the saying "spark between them" too literally. And made a set of rings. Out of flint and steel. If you stuck them against each other, a spark will be created. Very romantic indeed, through I do not recommend doing it wearing them.
They were created by Ken Goldman, who's currently looking for someone to produce them.

Source: http://www.core77.com/blog/accessory/spark_flint_steel_rings_by_ken_goldman_20888.asp

Starry Cake

I'm not sure if that's appropriate, because I haven't found the name of the artist and it's only one picture, but... awesome.

Top to bottom:
"Starry Night" Van Gogh
"Haystacks" Monet
"Water Lilies" Monet

Novum magazine cover

Novum is a German magazine about design. And if it's about desig, cover ought to be designy too. Looks like an abstract mosaic, but when you fold it...

Novum 11/11 – Making Of Cover from Paperlux on Vimeo.

Drinkers if the world, unite!

Or, i should rather say "alcohol tasters". Ever wondered how the beer/wine tastes, instead of pouring litres of it into your digestive system in order to get +15 confidency and -10 movement coordination bonuses?
Well, there's something for you. Handeyesupply.com can supply you in noteboks like "33 Bottles of Beer" or "33 Bottles of Wine". Made from recycled paper, those pages will guide you through alcohol tasting and will allow you to rate your drinks like a boss professional!

Source: http://www.handeyesupply.com/products/33-bottles-of-beer


On the right side of my blog you can see a link to swissmiss' site. She's a Swiss designer living in Brooklyn, engaged in various kinds of artistic projects. One of them is tattly - temporary tattoos project. Personally I prefer real tattoos, but these are cheap and beautifully designed!

Sourse: tatt.ly

Anna Wili Highfield's sculptures

This woman loves animals. And has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.Combine these things and this is what happens!

Source: http://www.annawilihighfield.com/cgi1/index_Final.cgi

Dimitri Tsykalov

Sorry for not posting lately, I've been involved in a shitstorm of work, both artistic and scientific.
Here's what you got for today:
These are made with axe, saw and other "delicate" tools. Also left to rot antil photographed. Cool, huh? Read the whole article here.

Christian Faur's crayon art

So, we've seen a guy working with Rubik's cubes and all kinds of curious stuff, so I find it high time for Mr. Faur's work. He loves crayons. And uses hundreds of thousands of them in his works. Impressive.

Source: http://www.christianfaur.com/crayons/crayons.html