So, some time ago I posted about guy who made a mosaic based solely on Rubik's Cubes. Well, turns out, he's not the only one. After a bit of research, I found out about the world record - 12090 cubes. Now that's dedication! Or insanity. But awesomeness for sure!

Also, underground French art movement Space Invaders apparently make those too. More on SI coming soon (I hope!)
Check out the source for more:

Pete Fecteau - The Cube Guy

Nope, not he the Cube (if you haven't watched it yet, do it now!). I mean Rubik's Cube. The riddle, toy, annoying shit, call it as you wish, but Mr. Fecteau can do some awesome artwork with those. Artwork? Made of Rubik's Cubes? Aye. Just take a look.

Too much free time? Maybe. It took him a year to create this piece.


Debbie Smyth

That's a nice picture we got here, right? (I know it's a bit small :( )
But it ain't an ordinary pencil-drawn mural! Thatthing is made with... thread. Yup, a thread. Artist Debbie Smyth creates her original artwork with pins and black thread wrapped around it. There's a video about this particural work and other works in general



Are you a Party Animal?

Going to a party tonight, therefore I post something party-related. For a typical party you need good company, booze/weed and music. Loud music. Music with something we call "pierdolnięcie" in Poland.

German artist Nik Nowak knows what I mean. This is his fearsome creation:

Yes. It is a TANK. With a SOUND SYSTEM. And it is HUGE.


Rainbow fireplace!

Fireplaces are cool. No arguing about that. Rainbows are also cool. What happens when we mix those elements? Awesome. That's what happens.

For merely 20 bucks you can have something like this in your own fireplace. offers a ready-to-use chemicals mix that will make your BBQ really extraordinary. Just add some alcohol, water, pour it on wood and - voila! now you can... well, don't know what you can do, but it's definitely awesome.

I wouldn't make s'mores on it, though.


Vinyl Vision

So, what is your special ability? Writing with both hands simultaneously? Smoking whole cigarette in one blow? Shattering glass with sheer power of your voice? Probably not. And even if you can do these things, you're not as cool as an eldery doctor - Arthur B. Lintgen.

Mr. Lintgen likes vinyl recordings. Very much. Like, he is able to tell you what kind of recording that is merely LOOKING at it. Yup. This man looks at physical construction (vinyl rows) in specific places and from that point, he is able to recreate this part. Combined with his extensive knowlege of music, Mr. Lintgen can tell most of the details of this particural recording - in some cases even the name of the conductor!

He is, however, very modest about his abilities. This man never used them for any commercial purposes or whatsoever. You can read more about him at:

Maximo Riera

Need something original, quasi-useful or simply weird and cool?
Get a chair.
What more to add? I love them!


Lion, beetle and whale coming soon!

Waitomo Caverns

Nature never ceases to amaze me. Well, maybe when I see my biology textbook and the amount of work before me I'm not THAT amazed, but there are still really awesome thing out there. For example, the beetles of Waitomo.
Waitomo is a cavern in New Zealand that was thought to be just a Maori legend. Well, it's not. Thousands of bugs light up the celling above your head when you slowly drift in your boat...

What are we still doing here? Who's up for a trip to NZ?


Scott F. Weaver's Toothpick Sculpture

This guy's picture should be in dictionaries, right next to the definiotion of "dedication". A supermarket worker from San Francisco spent 36 years of his life on creating this astonishing sculpture. The work depicts famous views as well as history of author's life.
Some people write diaries to keep the record of their lives. Some (like I have just started) ink it on their bodies. Others spend 126 days spread over 36 years and over 100,000 toothpicks on something like that.


Brandon Bird

So, guys and gals! A really good artist I found, watching shit on the net. It can be educational if you can use it properly, 'ya know?

Brandon Bird was born in California and does awesome stuff. If there's anything else you'd like to know about him, check out his website:

All credit goes to this great artist. You can buy paintings, prints and other funny stuff on his site.

Nicolas Cage sticker set

My Little Library

Ok, some of you know me as My Little Pony fan (a.k.a. brony), but today I have something different for you. An organisation that sells little birdhouses for books. I guess that makes them little bookhouses.
Anyway, that's the spirit! I'm not expecting that I'll be able to talk about Proust's vision of art with a bus driver, but that's a progress!


Advertisements! II

Okay, so now some more of creative, unique, awesome advertisements. Enjoy.