Aleksandr Petrov - animations

  You probably know how computer animaion is made - first, the models and scenes are designed and then programmed to act in certain way. What about classic animation? The background is painted and characters are drawn on glass tiles. Each seperately, togheder they make it looks like it's moving. Time-consuming, huh?
  Now, Mr. Petrov took time-consumption on a whole new level. He paints each scene. Seperately. With oil paints. He uses his fingertips instead of a paintbrush on different glass sheets positioned on multiple levels, each covered with slow-drying oil paints. After photographing each frame painted on the glass sheets, which was four times larger than the usual A4-sized canvas, he had to slightly modify the painting for the next frame and so on.
  "Old Man And The Sea", based on novel by Ernest Hemingway, is about 20 minutes long and took two years to complete. More than 29000 frames. And that's why I love the Russians.

Here is the first part of the movie. You can check out YouTube for the second part.


"Destino" - Salvador Dali and Walt Disney

In 1945 Spanish artist Salvador Dali (you know, melting clocks and stuff) and Walt Disney began their collaboration on a short animated movie - "Destino". Because of post-war financial troubles the project was to be soon abandoned. Its remains were found in 1999 by Disney's nephew. A group of 25 animators encrypted Dali's storyboards (with help of his and Gala's diaries) and began working on it. The result is mostly traditional animation with a hint of computer animation.


Ryohei Hase's painting

Mr. Hase is a freelance illustrator from Tokyo. In spare time he creates paintings of his own. Here are some of his works - my subjective choice, so go and check him out!


Aakash Nihalani's murals

Aakash Nihalani is the artist selected to decorate New York Facebook's headsquares. He did murals and... erm... floorals? Whatever. Paintings on the floor. Check out yourselves.

Aequous Floreau by Mark Mawson

London-residing photographer Mark Mawson took few pictures of water. With some ink. Have a look at the results and check out the rest of his work!


Grace Duval - the armor of Joanne d'Arc

Made of cardboard, brown paper, bicycle tubes, glue, spray paint, and various metal fastenings.
Makes me want to laugh at guys spending fortunes on "real" medieval armor.


Tony Cragg's dice sculptures

Dice are beloved by pirates and mathematicians. Now artists take use of them!

Cubicleism by Bill Taylor

Mr. Taylor is an office worker - one of many. Eight hours, tight cubicle, bad coffee. Dull, huh? So he brightens up his day with art. I strongly encourage you to visit his blog!
By the way, can you guess all the names of the classic paintings?

Object design by Tembolat Gugkaev

Good news, everyone! With this, we reached 50 posts and nearly 1000 views.
But have a look at these great furniture designs. Practical and stylish!