Light painting - Brian Hart

Have you seen any of those photos using long exposure time to turn single lights into long lines of flashy colors? Of course you have. Everyone has. Brian Hart thought "what if I manipulated the light while taking a photo?"

Simon Dale's natural house

So, there's this average guy who has the same name as I (which makes him already awesome) and build a house all by himself for £3,000. Perfectly normal. Except for the name part, of course.
Mr. Dale (with totally no experience in building, carpentry or whatever) took a hammer and a saw into Welsh woods and began gathering wood with his family. The owner of the forest gave them a piece of land in exchange for looking after these grounds. That was the plan:

That was the work (remember, no experience at all!):

How it looks after being finished:

This guy is a total badass and my hero. His website is A lot of tips and advice there!

Steampunk birds from Mullanium

Cog wheels, contraptions, brass and birds. Combined. Well, not real birds but those are still awesome!
Check out the full gallery at:

Fuck cancer - Xu Bing's rug

Everyone around yells about the dangers of smoking. This guy probably doesn't give a shit - he has created a rug using 500000 (half a milion!) cigarettes. The rug is the third piece of the set which took him a decade to make.
In where I live he would have spent circa 825 thousand dollars on those.


Sagaki Keita's doodling

And I thought I was bored after looking at drawings done during my classes. This guy takes doodling to a completely new level!


What are you doing tommorow night? Does the phrase "Friday night" equals to "booze and music" to you? Well, that's great. Because now, depending on your music taste, you can adjust your taste in beverages! Thanks to you can do so! Just name the music and their generator will generately generate some fine drink for ya'!


Mike Doyle's LEGO Victorian mansions

Mike Doyle, a LEGO artist, creates those crumbling mansions. No glue, strips, wood, anything except bricks. one piece takes hundreds of hours to complete.


Spirit photography

About 130 years before Photoshop was created, people had other methods in merging photos. But, that was a mystery to the most of the public - that's how it created countless possibilities. One of them was so-called "spirit photography". By a simple darkroom trick you could add a ghostly figure to someone's photo... imagine their reaction.