Simon Dale's natural house

So, there's this average guy who has the same name as I (which makes him already awesome) and build a house all by himself for £3,000. Perfectly normal. Except for the name part, of course.
Mr. Dale (with totally no experience in building, carpentry or whatever) took a hammer and a saw into Welsh woods and began gathering wood with his family. The owner of the forest gave them a piece of land in exchange for looking after these grounds. That was the plan:

That was the work (remember, no experience at all!):

How it looks after being finished:

This guy is a total badass and my hero. His website is A lot of tips and advice there!

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  1. to jest na prawdę niesamowite ! na Polską zimę jednak przydałoby się wybudować bardziej schron niż taką "altankę", chociaż też by swoje potrzymała...