Chris Gilmour's cardboard objects

Besides sharing a surname with a famous guitarist, Chris Gilmour is recognized for a mastery in cardboard and glue, proving that you can master anything if you really want to. Subtle, yet curious on not only technical level - deconstructing the form and then renewing it in a completely unsuitable material is somehow reverse approach to design - how it forces us to re-think our frames and boxes and embrace the useless ideas, only to find out that uselessness is subjective.

Geometry Daily

If you, like me, happen to be a fanatic of clean, geometric shapes and simple colours, you will love this site. Geometry Daily is a tumblr blog created by a German design professor dedicated to proving the world with a new composition every day. Great inspiration for ascetics and simplicity lovers.

Magda Przybycien - photography

I believe that simple is the best. If something's functional, the aesthetics will find themselves in austerity. Art's a bit more complicated than that, because it lacks defined function, therefore fanciness sometimes indeed is a requirement. But not here. Kept as a kind of journal, these photographs surprise with the story behind them, their elements held together guide us through some kind of visual journey. Yes, right, I know, ninety-eight percent of photography does that. But not as cleanly and neatly as those. Something that Henri Cartier-Bresson called the Decisive Moment. Wouldn't you agree? Sometimes, they also resemble the great Urban Patterns series, but that's wholly different thing...

I promised not to share her webpage.

Krzysztof Mezyk - painting

Once, my design teacher told me that a good design occurs when a layman sees it and says: "I could've done that in five minutes." Krzysztow Mężyk's works certainly do not follow the traditional approach to painting - not only the composition, but also the structure seems messy, random. Dirt. It's important here, where the paints are left half-mixed on the canvas and the lines or stains are almost unrecognizable. While this effect cannot be an expression itself, it can surely help the artist to convey it.

Jean-François Rauzier - Hyperphotography

What's the best resolution a modern camera can achieve? Do you know? If you do, forget it - that's the past now, as French photographer Jean-François Rauzier will beat it. This hardened by his countless achievements fanatic spends few hours scanning a place with his camera and few hundreds more blending images seamlessly into one, grand fantastic landscape  Unique, surreal, time-consuming work. And the effects.

Don't watch them here. Go to his website where you can zoom and wander around them!

"The Way Things Go" - by Peter Fischli and David Weiss

I don't usually post videos. But an exception proves the rule. Or, judging by what I want to show you today it will become a rule. Because the Swiss artist duo Fischli&Weiss made something so exceptional that it has left me with my jaw dropped.

They specialize in making art out of trash - and this installation is too, made out of elements found on a junkyard.

from dan balul on Vimeo.

John Grade - Sculpture

These grand, biomorphic structures hanging above your head are the work of John Grade, an American sculptor. After drawing intricate sketches and making medium-sized models, he proceeds to make his art from natural materials. Clean, minimalistic forms are warming and slightly overwhelming - just like the nature itself.

Vania Zouravliov - Illustration

Vania Zouravliov is a Russian illustrator and graphic designer. After showing signs of talent from his early age, he was exposed to a lot of famous artists and art in general, scoring his first exhibition at the age of thirteen. Now, Zouravliov creates graphic novels and illustrates for, for example, National Geographic.

Jean Shin - sculpture

Artists who use a variety of media are always hard to put here. From a rich collection I am forced to choose ten pictures and present them with few sentences. And that was the case with Jean Shin, who draws, prints, photographs, sculpts, records and does other great stuff - so I chose her sculptures. Trophies for ordinary workmen, lottery tickets cities and deconstructed clothing - conceptual, thought-provoking, good art.