Laurent Chehere - Photography

Laurent Chehere is a man who follows his dreams. Working as a photographer, traveling around the world. And when living a dream, it is easy to be inspired by one - and that seems to be the case with his "Flying Houses". Edited pictures of Parisian buildings mid-air with ropes attached to them are certainly imaginative!

Kiwilicious Jewelry #14 - German Kabirski

For the first time here I present you a Russian artisan. German (yes, that's a name, even quite popular in Russia) Kabirski created very intricate and exclusive compositions out of both noble stones and wood, enamel or nacre. While his jewelry I find marvelous I am puzzled by the artist's initials composed into some of his designs. The techniques he is using have been featured before in an array of different artisans, but Kabirski enchanted me with originality and most of all bold combining of the materials. It is hard to be bored while browsing his shop!

Chet Zar - Paintings

Art can cover many topics and we all know that. So, today's topic is horror! And who might be better at painting horror themes than Chet Zar, a man who devoted his life to creating special effects in blockbusters such as The Ring and paintings inspired by Bosch and Giger? His twisted visions of monsters evoke this mysterious thrill scrolling down one's spine, combining both fear and... fascination.

The frames are made by the artist, too.

Classic Artist of the Week #15 - Roy Lichtenstein

 I always had problems with understanding the paintings of Roy Lichtenstein. Comic book strips made by a guy named like a European country - big deal. But now, after examining them once again I think I got it and you might tell me if I'm right or wrong.

Bruce Munro

Bruce Munro started to create after hitting forty, but based on the sketches he made in his teenage years. What might come out of it? As it turns out, something lively, colourful, light and playful, but in mature, experienced way. His installations are sure to bring attention to wherever they are being set.

Artist's page.

Weekly Interview #12 - Jake Wood Evans

Tell us about yourself and your work.

I’m a painter based in Brighton, I’m all about the Aesthetic. I guess I want to learn the craft of painting, learn how to paint like the old masters, ability gives you freedom to express yourself more poetically. take realism turn it upside down, throw in a handful of expressionism and mix in some minimalism for good measure. Who knows what the day will bring?

Robert C. Jackson - Painting

Robert Jackson is a contemporary realism painter. Born in 1964, he fully devoted to art only in 1997 and before that he was a minister with an engineering diploma. Jackson's art is rooted in real life (and clearly inspired by Magritte), but there's a strange feeling of oddity in his works - that unusual atmosphere that makes you wonder - is it the composition, the things portrayed, the colours? I think it's all of that and this is yet another artist that tries to tell us "so you say there's nothing special in usualness? just watch."

Classic Artist of the Week #14 - Piet Mondrian

Not often do we have a chance to, when discussing an artist, observe a clear journey in a style. We are left under impression that they were born great, on the outbreak of their careers experimented with few so-called "periods" and then marched on with the Great Art that we watch with awe today. Yet every painter, sculptor, designer and everyone else had to learn and it is clear upon seeing the chronological works of Piet Mondrian - a man who traveled around the world seeking for his unique means of expression, his new aesthetics and who finally became one of the most recognizable artists of the twentieth century.

Tim Bavington - Painting

Many artists tried to combine few senses and mediums in their works to completely surround the viewer/listener/receiver and get the desired effect on them. But this England-born American artist tried it a little subversive way - Tim Bavington intended to transfer music on canvas. And we don't mean the synesthetic exploration of vibrations, but rather more scientific approach of addressing each sound a corresponding specific colour. The results? Right here. I wonder if you can guess the songs from individual paintings.

Jeremy Forson - Illistration

A San Francisco-based (although he lived for a year in France when he was ten) illustrator and web designer who worked for many major and smaller companies, both in America and abroad. Through the years Jeremy Forson worked on his individual style, successfully combining classic ligne claire  style and painterly expression, resulting in not often obvious, but expressive works. The icons of pop culture are funny and surprising, containing the essence of the character.

Kiwilicious Jewelry #13 - Paolo Scura

This time - a man. It seems that they can be as successful in this field as they are in the other areas of art and design. Paolo Scura. An Italian currently living in London where he produces unique jewelry for galleries, boutiques and Simon Harrison Ltd. - landing his works in the most prominent fashion industrialists. For his inspiration Scura wanders around and tries to observe - most of the time streets, walls, buildings, surfaces of all texture and colour. The products seem rough, damaged, scratched - the beauty captivated in anti-aesthetics.

Nathan Skiles

Nathan Skiles is a sculptor from Florida, whose main series of works consist of fancy clocks. Apart from constructing these often perverse devices he often creates sculptures and abstract, black and white collages. And while the clock are funny, often a bit perverse pieces, in my opinion Skiles' skill is seen in the sculptures - simple, unique style and a meaningful message underneath it. What do you think?

Classic Artist of the Week #13 - Chaim Soutine

You like tragic bohemian artists from the beginning of the twentieth century, don't you? There is certainly something about that time - the specific, somewhat enchanting Zeitgeist. Pride in poorness, rebellion against traditional art, debauchery, drugs and alcohol. We had all of that in the character of Modigliani, whom we featured last week - today's artist is a bit different.

Bonsoir Paris - Duramen sculptures

Bonsoir Paris is a French (if it's not obvious) multi-art collective of two designers. They produce design in a means of graphics, products and interiors, as well as installations and sculptures. Yes, the sculptures. Dali-esque, melting wooden frames, dripping suspended in time. This idea might've been used a lot, but the execution here is flawless and produces a surprising, aesthetically pleasing effect.

Weekly Interview #11 - Daniel Ciprian

Tell us about you and your work.

I was born in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) in 1978. I´ve quit my studies of mechanical engineering and started studyingphotograph, as I realized mathematics were not for me. I graduated in photography and digital creation on 2005 an I haven´t stopped photographing ever since.
I started as an assistant for fashion and advertisement photographers, and I´ve been very lucky, as I have had the chance to work with spain´s finest photographers.  Over a year ago, I´ve started a fashion and advertisement digital retouching company together with fellow photographer Xavi Bou.

Olivier de Sagazan

What kind of art would you expect from a man born in Congo who studied biology and philosophy and whose webpage looks like a 1994-ish serial killer portfolio? Whatever your answer is, you will not be disappointed (except if you wanted to see happy unicorns). Oliver de Sagazan paints, sculpts and performs in one style - nightmare. His creations are something between dolls, monsters, rotting corpses, mythological creatures and people. And the most horrifying realization that they're human to the most extent.

Dustin Myers - Painting

Dustin Myers might somewhere in the future considered the chronicler of our age. He uses his formal education from the university he describes as having a contemporary attitude to capture the cultural icons of todays twenty-somethings and give then a new environment. Surreal, often iconoclastic imagery of well-known characters or self-portraits that sarcastically smirk when talking about our modern image of entertainment.

Kiwilicious Jewelry #12 - Vina Rust

Artist living in Seattle creates her unique (in the means of quantity too!) constructs with noble metals. Vina Rust is faithful to her technique and style, that is visibly inspired by botany and the nature, but she claims she gets turned on (creatively speaking) by all sorts of things - Beardsley's illustration, Lalique jewelry or ethnic aesthetics. The way of creating, perforations and intricate woven designs are unmistakable with any other jeweler.

Dupludo Collective - Industrial Design

Being a great artist is hard. Being a great designer might be even harder. Why? You have to create beautiful objects that are usable by common folk, durable and possibly cheap. Yet still no one seems to care who thought about that one particular solution to the problem that they buy in a store.

But we want to change it. Yes, even in small scale. And today we write about a Russian design collective, Dupludo. The name itself comes from pronunciation of deux plus deux and their motto is "2+2=5". They work on illustration, graphic design, installations and several other things art-related in Russia and Scandinavia.

Classic Artist of the Week #12 - Amedeo Modigliani

A man is being born in a wealthy family. Sickly, introvert child with a passion of painting, in his agony dreaming about seeing the Renaissance masters. Yet, contrary to all common sense, he recovers, grows up, travels around the Europe. Learns, creates, meets famous of his time and tries to mask his disease by heavy alcohol and drug use. Then, the man creates more, the he destroys. Becomes unstable both physically and mentally. Becomes the legend of Parisian Montmartre - stripping naked on tables, having multiple affairs, creating misunderstood art and drinking himself into oblivion. He dies young. Only to be globally recognized several years later as one of the greatest artist of his time. Meet Amedeo Modigliani.

Harry Ally - Paintings

We think that we're free. We can walk wherever we wish, talk whatever we want. Yet it's not quite so. We are just bodies - walking, functioning, slowly decaying meat that has this unique ability to store something called consciousness. No, I'm not starting to write a blog about philosophy, but today's works are about existentialism. Harry Ally is a Texan painter with a lot of experience in both panting and, what can be seen in his works, life.