Weekly Interview #11 - Daniel Ciprian

Tell us about you and your work.

I was born in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) in 1978. I´ve quit my studies of mechanical engineering and started studyingphotograph, as I realized mathematics were not for me. I graduated in photography and digital creation on 2005 an I haven´t stopped photographing ever since.
I started as an assistant for fashion and advertisement photographers, and I´ve been very lucky, as I have had the chance to work with spain´s finest photographers.  Over a year ago, I´ve started a fashion and advertisement digital retouching company together with fellow photographer Xavi Bou.

Mi personal work is analog, specially black and white film. I like the texture of it and the methods of work; when it comes to shooting you think beforehand  and I like  to visualize how the image will look like. I develop the film at home, scan it and edit it in the computer. I also prefer to keep my files in a physical way. I make my own pinhole cameras as well.

I feel attraction for  abandoned places, I think of the life and energy that these placed used to hold whiles habituated. I´m also fascinated by cemeteries. I like to look at the graves and see death from a close distance. Photographic cemeteries makes me feel alive!

What made you begin? What keeps you doing it?
A black and white portrait of me when I was 2 years old made me curious about photography. It was enlarged on a rather bigger size than usual and it had been printed on barium paper by  a friend of my mother in his personal laboratory. And what keeps me going is my love for photography and to know that in photography I have found what fills me in life.

What/who inspires you? in what way?

I can be inspired by watching a movie, listening to music or just riding my bicycle to work. I get ideas in my head and sometimes i see everything very clear how it´s going to look like, although not always they become real.
I can spend hours looking at blogs of other people. I think this is also a good way to get inspired to make your own stuff. I´ve created a Tumblr account where I upload photos that I like and keep them organized that way

What is art for you? can you give us an example of "true art"?

For me, art could be anything. I think that whatever you do, if you put good energy and effort, it is a good piece of art. I think everything is energy, and for that it is very important at the time of creating; not just art but everything else as well.

For me, Tim Burton, J.R.R. Tolkien, DalĂ­, Escher are genius. I´ve always liked their way of seeing the world and express themselves.

What is the most powerful and preferred media? images, words, sounds?

Any media can be powerful as long as it is done from the inside. My preferred media is the images, where I feel more comfortable. Everything is image, everything is light. Without it we wouldn´t exist. When we open our eyes and light bounces in every surface, goes into our eyes, our brain and shows us the whorl, it is pure magic!

Future plans? (workwise)

I´d like to have more time to shoot photographs and work more on a personal level, as the retouching company requires much time and effort.
At this time, my country is going through bad times and I can´t discard the idea of moving somewhere else with my wife Sheila and my two kids, Jon and Daniela.
I´ve always envy people who have lived in different parts of the world. It´s a great way of expanding your mind and this is something I want my kids to experience.

Anything you want to add? maybe a song, a photograph, or say hello to friends or family?

I´m very glad to do this interview and to be able to show my work.
I´d like to thank my wife for her patience with me for all the hours I spend dedicated to photography.
Also a big hello to my friend and fellow photographer Gustavo Osorio! check out his work at www.silvergelatine.com 

This is the black and white photograph that my mother keeps in her family albums and that made me start taking photos

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