Harry Ally - Paintings

We think that we're free. We can walk wherever we wish, talk whatever we want. Yet it's not quite so. We are just bodies - walking, functioning, slowly decaying meat that has this unique ability to store something called consciousness. No, I'm not starting to write a blog about philosophy, but today's works are about existentialism. Harry Ally is a Texan painter with a lot of experience in both panting and, what can be seen in his works, life.

His mixed media paintings are half-abstract human figures (or full abstracts) trapped in the frames of a painting. Kafkaesque characters looking up or sitting down, every one of them trying to break free from the bonds of existence as a picture. And they remind of humans - with they unimportant things and little affairs, swirling like dervishes and wasting their time which, while precious to them, means nothing to the universe. It's neither depressing or optimistic - rather, it's just real. Really good art - that kind that really makes you reflect.

Artist's page.


  1. Love his work and this post! One note about the info, he is from New Jersey, went to school in Texas and lives in Valdosta, Ga.

    1. Thanks for the clarification! We're glad you like it!

  2. I hadn't heard of this artist until now, but I think that I have a new favorite! He has some wonderful paintings. Great post! Many thanks for sharing. (: