Dupludo Collective - Industrial Design

Being a great artist is hard. Being a great designer might be even harder. Why? You have to create beautiful objects that are usable by common folk, durable and possibly cheap. Yet still no one seems to care who thought about that one particular solution to the problem that they buy in a store.

But we want to change it. Yes, even in small scale. And today we write about a Russian design collective, Dupludo. The name itself comes from pronunciation of deux plus deux and their motto is "2+2=5". They work on illustration, graphic design, installations and several other things art-related in Russia and Scandinavia.

For me, Dupludo connects the best of traditional Scandinavian design and modern aesthetics. Of course, form follows function, but why not bring some fanciness the the form? The function stays the same and we might as well have some fun with it!

Duplodo's page.

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