Sarah Esteje - drawings and photography

She is a Parisian photographer, who also draws with use of Bic pens. Yes, those ordinary blue/black/red pens that you were buying before school hoping that no one will notice your lack of everything else. In this post, I present her drawings as well as some photos she has made. Along them, a poster for Movember. This is a great action because of two things - they fight cancer and they grow mustaches.

Source: (the first picture)

Saint Louis City Museum

What a wonderful place. Opened in 1997, it looks like a Gaudi's Or Dali's wet dream than a "real" museum.

Guy Laramee - Biblios

Mr. Laramee is a greatly underrated and relatively unknown artist with over 30 years experience. In a very interesting statemet on his website (link below) he explains the choice of his medium, which are... books. He carves in them. Looks great. And carries an important message about the condition of our cuture.


Riuseke Fukahori's aquarium

This Japanese painter is painting fish. Typical. Japanese love fish - koi, sushi and so on. But this man is painting them in a wooden bowls, layer by layer, on a resin. When completed (yes, it takes time) the fishes are three-dimensional. You can see the process at:


Frogner Park, Oslo

On the premises of XVIII-century Frogner Mansion in the capital of Norway, a eighty acres park stretches across. Inside, you can find an outdoor museum of Gustav Vigeland, who dedicated all his works to the city. Vigelandsanlegget features various sculputeres about the universal theme of human life. And some of them are, to put it mildly, weird. At least that's what I call weird.


Dublin - the dragon den

So, someone wanted to build a house. I have already posted about a hobbit house. But this someone did not want a hobbit house. They wanted a dragon house. Yea. A dragon house.Plus some eclectic iconography. It is located in Dublin, an old villa remade into a fantasy dwelling. Take a look.