Vinyl Vision

So, what is your special ability? Writing with both hands simultaneously? Smoking whole cigarette in one blow? Shattering glass with sheer power of your voice? Probably not. And even if you can do these things, you're not as cool as an eldery doctor - Arthur B. Lintgen.

Mr. Lintgen likes vinyl recordings. Very much. Like, he is able to tell you what kind of recording that is merely LOOKING at it. Yup. This man looks at physical construction (vinyl rows) in specific places and from that point, he is able to recreate this part. Combined with his extensive knowlege of music, Mr. Lintgen can tell most of the details of this particural recording - in some cases even the name of the conductor!

He is, however, very modest about his abilities. This man never used them for any commercial purposes or whatsoever. You can read more about him at:

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