Space Invaders

On my trip to Paris this summer I've seen many awesome things. People storming bookstores. Acrylic sculptures of terriers for 40 Euro. Special discount for a sex club entrance.
Amongst these things there was curious kind of street art - mosaics resembling a pixel alien, as seen in the "Space Invaders" game. People who had Nokias back in early 2000's know what I mean. (The game itself originated in 70's in Japan) Those were hidden from public eyesight, avaiable only for those who looked up or went to places normally avoided.

I've seen some kind of guide mentioning those with one sentence only.But after I got home I accidentally found out that those mosaics are not typically parisian thing - they were created by a worldwide movement which adopted the name and the logo. The Space Invaders.

I couldn't find much about them than they wanted me to know - an international art movement with people involved all over the world, few exhibitions, that's all. The cube art I have presented few days ago was made by them. Ok, let the image take over from now.

P.S.: anyone near me interested in starting a local SI division? ;)


A larger gallery is here:

I cannot post the pictures due to copyright issues.

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