Wim Delvoye. Enough said.

This man grew up in a village in West Flanders, Belgium. Later, he became known as one of the most famous neo-conceptual artists, with his eclectic and non-compromising style. He tattooed pigs, invented a digesting machine and framed X-ray photos of sexual acts on a church window.

For explanations, go : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wim_Delvoye
For more fun, go: http://www.wimdelvoye.be/

Tattooed pigs

Cloaca Factory - a machine that turns food into feces.
Anal kisses. Yes, that's the name.                                                 

A mosaic.
A bird house.

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  1. I love Delvoye's work, but Anal kisses is a rip-off of Bay Area artist Keith Boadwee.