Toginis - what is it and what do you eat it with?

This post is an introduction for everyone who has any questions about the site - or just wonders who are the wonderful people behind it.

Toginis started by the beginning of September of 2011 and was intended to serve as my internet notebook - simply a place where I can post anything I like and return there when I would feel the urge to be inspired. But soon it became clear that the world is filled with interesting, unique and innovative art and it only waits for someone to collect it and put in one place.

I started writing regularly: at first, every second day, then everyday. The special weekly episodes came: about artists considered classic, jewelry (written by another blogger, Kiwibird) and what I am the proudest of - interviews. Not going to lie - great creators and artistic minds willing to share their stories with me were quite a surprise for me! After all, I am just a simple blogger. But all went well and (with slight delays) interviews became the regular episodes.

Who am I?

My name's Simon and I'm a hopeless drunk pretty cool guy who studies design and loves art. My favourite artists are Rothko, Kandinsky and Magritte - in that order. Currently I spend my days drinking coffee, listening to blues and searching for wonderful art for you to enjoy!

So, where should you start?

  • Try selecting one of the tags from the table on your left - perhaps you came here looking for awesome sculptures or interesting photography - give it a try!
  • Perhaps you need a visual stimulation in order to be inspired? Go to our pinterest page and look through our tabs - not all of them are from the blog, but it means just more content to look through!
  • If you wish to communicate with us, send a message through the facebook page of ours. We try to respond to tweets, however we cannot guarantee it.

Or simply browse the newest posts! Whatever you choose, we wish you a happy stay here! Have fun, be inspired and let us know your opinion - every voice matters here!

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