Classic Artist of the Week #4 - Jean Dubuffet

 Jean Dubuffet was born in 1901 in France. He decided to study art, but after a while abandoned the Academy in order to look for meaningful forms independently - and then abandoned painting altogether in favor of selling wine. Dubuffet has returned to art many years later and his first exhibition took place when he was already forty-three. A year later, under the impression of another French painter, Fautrier, he changed his style to thick impasto-placed paint imbued with sand, straws, tar and other objects coated in oil trying to create a new form.

 Debuffet also experimented with music and sculpture. Using light materials he formed them as quickly as he could and them moved to another one - like sketches. One of my favourite works of his is the Winter Garden placed in Centre Pompidou in Paris - a large room made of irregular waves of white plastic covered in black lines and circles. The same style that he has used in the Monument with Standing Beast, seen below.

And the Jardin d'Hiver itself


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