Weekly Interview #7 - David Agenjo

Today's interview will be a little bit different from the standard one. I managed to find an exceptional artist and ask him not about his inspirations or plans - something that everyone want to share, but, rather about his technique, a thing that many artists hold so dear that they will take their secret to the grave.

David Agenjo is a self-taught artist. Perhaps that's why every part of his painting is mastered on its own - well-chosen colors with vibrant shadows and contrasts, perfect composition and layered textures that add depth to a meaning.

The unpredictable range of colours and textures left on the palette, have always kept my attention. I was intrigued by this accidental way of making a textural colourfield, so I started incorporating and combining these palette works into my actual paintings.

When I paint, I use a secondary canvas as a palette, this second canvas/palette becomes the new surface on which to overlay and merge the next figurative composition.

I like the idea of creating paintings that in a sense are all interlinked by the previous one (Like the way genetic coding is passed through generations of all living things).
I also like the contrast between the unpredictable range colours given by chance as an abstraction, and my conscious figurative work processes, both coexisting and interacting on the same painting.

Some paintings also contain other textural elements such as "fiberglass, grid tape" or plastic bags. I incorporate these elements in the pallet stage of the canvas building up a rich starting point for the next work.


His webpage: http://davidagenjo.com/

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