Classic Artist of the Week #1 - Henryk Stażewski

Welcome to our new regular - Classic Artist of the Week, where I present to you painters, sculptors, designers and architects of both classical and modern era. I hope that you'll like it! If you have any suggestions regarding the choice of featured characters, don't hesitate to inform me!

Henryk Stażewski [stash-evski] was born in 1894 - just in the right time to experience the most fascinating time for artists. When he grew up, impressionism earned a stable position in the world of art, cubism was being born in pain and on the East, constructivism tried to make sens of revolution.

He quickly reached he conclusion that naturalistic art cannot grasp the essence of reality, devoting himself to Malewicz-like geometrical abstracts. The time he invested i mastering this new form paid out - Stażewski's paintings use color, pattern, dimension and illusion to grasp the viewer, who finds himself staring in awe looking at pastel-colored squares.

'Dat style.

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