Classic Artist of the Week #3 - Constantin Brâncusi

Constantin Brâncuși was a Romanian-born French sculptor from the beginning of the XX century. He showed extraordinary talent from his youth - which he utilized during his studies at École des Beaux-Arts and training under Rodin (which lasted only two months because "nothing can grow under big trees" as Constantin said). Then - the first commission. Already showing simplification of the form - which later had to lead to pure abstraction - then, an innovation in sculpture.

That symbolic novelty earned
Brâncuși name of the pioneer of modernism - and later on, one of the most significant artist in art history. But fame did not come that early - or at least positive fame. Parisians were scandalized after in 1920 he represented princess Marie Bonaparte as a shape best described as... phallic. True that, she was obsessed with that shape, but anyway... 

When looking at his work, keep in mind this quote, by artist himself: "Don’t look for mysteries; I bring you pure joy."

 And at last, the infamous "Princess X"



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