Classic Artist of the Week #2 - Jan Cybis

Another week, another artist. Again, Polish painter of the XX century. Why? Because I believe that his work is worth showing and he doesn't even have his own page on English wikipedia. Outrageous, if yo ask me.

Jan Cybis [Ian See-beas] was studying law after WW1, which he in 1919 abandoned in order to join the Academy of Fine Arts and Artistic Industry in Wrocław. Learning under the best of Central-European painters, he developed his own style. Just like impressionists, Cybis believed that a painting should not be resembling the subject in an objective way - rather, It ought to present the subject filtered through the painter. A subjective vision of whatever you choose to portray.

And he saw the world in colour. Cybis collected like-minded people and formed Kapists - also known as the Colourists. Their works are about light, that gentle ray of photons from the Sun rabidly smashing objects in order to be reflected into our eyes and minds. The light gives impression, brings up individual memories, forms aesthetic value of the image.

But enough talking, see the paintings already.

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