Weekly Interview #1 - Sylwia Kruczek

From the editor: this is the first one of our weekly interviews that feature interesting artists, designers, bloggers or pretty much anyone interesting! I hope that you will like my choice!

Tell us about yourself and your work.

Currently I'm living in Bielsko-Biała where I came back after finishing university in Cracow. For about half a year I write a site Street Fashion Bielsko-Biała where I display the originality, curiosity or simple beauty of outfits of people living here. But the site is more than just pictures and descriptions – it also contains announcements and reportages of various fashion-related events. There are interviews with people living around and connected with fashion, there are general thoughts on the current state of the art of dress. Except for roaming around the streets for photos I also organize „swap parties” where people can exchange original pieces of clothing.

What got you started? What keeps you in?

The idea itself was born about three years ago when in the course of my studies I had the opportunity to watch people from the cities of the world online. I used to watch, for example, Hel Looks which really hooked me on!

Naturally, there were many more of those sites, some of which not existent anymore. There was Sartorialist, there was Face Hunter (Which is positively odd for me – not great photos but very good eye for the extraordinary). Out of Polish sites – Street Fashion Cracow – the oldest native site about street fashion. Inspired me then, inspires me now.

I felt greatly attracted to this kind of fashion, that is, what and how the „street” dresses like. I find it fascinating how ordinary people, who are not necessarily familiar with the newest trends follow them or even create them. Out of this fascination came the subject of my M.A. thesis „The phenomenon of street fashion in Poland”.

About my site – its foundation was preceded with lengthy observations in B-B itself – to put it simply, I walked around the city checking if there was anything worthy of being photographed :)
My conclusion was positive – there are many people dressing differently that lack of subjects will not be a problem. At first it was a bit stressful, approaching strangers, but one should overcome fears.

Through my site I intend to show the colorful site of the town. I want to prove that big cities aren't the only ones where people dress fancily. That is why I still go out and collect the images of curious individuals.

What/who inspires you? In what way?

Oh, there are plenty. I am inspired by music – its diversity in genres from which I can take anything I fancy (not even gonna try to name them, I discover at least one-two good bands weekly). I am inspired by the colorful people of the streets, as well as some foreign fashion bloggers: Autilia, Frassy, Pandora.

Also, Polish ones: Macademian Girl, Ams La La Land, HoneyBunny in Wonderland, Diva naUrlopie, Śmietnikowe LansPudernice and many others – contrary to the popular opinion, Poland can pride in many original individuals!

What is art for you? Examples of "real art"?

Art is choosing what you like and making it a drawing, a painting, a melody, anything at all. It is the whole world and its parts filteres through the artist's personality, his mentality and sense of aesthetics. And of course, talent – without „it”, that makes great art, there will be no universality. And skill. A designer who cannot sew is like a painter who cannot sketch. The only artist is one who combines both talent and skill.

The most powerful/your favourite medium: picture, words, sounds? Anything else?

Word, or rather words are something „under construction” for me – there are words that just... sound nice ;-) And those I like exceptionally. About picture – Arthur Rackham, XIX century illustrator is the author of my current wallpaper. I love this cat, it's mischevious and ugly – so different from sweet kittens that are now popular, eg. on sweatsirts.

Plans for future (of your work)?

Do what I like and earn my living from it ;-) I'd love to travel more. Travel guides are not enough for me – I need to try, taste, feel myself!

Anything you'd like to add? Maybe a song, a picture, hello to friends and family?

A good morning song for everyone ;-)

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